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What The Food – WTF Wednesday




WTF this week = What The Food…

Isn’t it amazing that our taste buds and eyes are so used to the same sweet comfort food !!

So much so.. that, say, if I mention chocolate chip cookies…

you can close your eyes…smell them, taste them, visualize them…

Now I am going to share with you some of my favorite HEALTHY sweet tooth recipes!

With ingredients are are going to make you say WTF and yet when you taste them you will be in shock!!!

Here is a recipe I have tried, loved and made over and over

 Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (aka Chickpea Cookies)

Let me tell you 100% honest, coming out of the oven these are AMAZING!

You are like WTF! Mmmm


I have also tried these Peanut Butter Cups using honey and they where a huge hit when craving chocolate!


These banana oatmeal cookies are perfect for breakfast lol


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough…you can literally eat the whole bowl and not feel too guilty!

And it’s ok you won’t get sick eating it raw!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chocolate pudding!


Brownies, who doesn’t love brownies?

I used my homemade peanut butter and may have eaten a few more then a serving lol

PinaholicMyrie_WTF_PBBrownies PinaholicMyrie_WTF_PBBrownies2

Breakfast Muffins …. Or baked oatmeal???

You can literally invent these and have a huge variety.

I freeze them and eat them for any meal or snack!


Next I want to try these recipes

I love chocolate drop cookies and these look amazing!


or how about Peanut butter chocolate drop cookies


Chocolate truffles … with avocado ?? YES please!!



So, what do you think ?

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