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14 Habits of People Who Always Stay Fit

Don’t just work out so you can fit into a tight dress — make it a habit with these tricks. 1. Exercise even if you only have 15 minutes to do it. A short gym routine is better than nothing if you’re really strapped for time or just plain exhausted. If you don’t have time to […]


DIY Remedies For Pets

We all love our pets like family and when they get hurt it can be expensive. Here are some safe inexpensive home remedies that really work. Information like this has been a life saver for me in the past & I wanted to pass it on. My favorite tip is the canned pumpkin. We always […]

sMiLe .... Be Happy!

Laughing It Up In the Wild Kingdom

Here are some Cute & Adorable Pics of Animals doing the Most Adorable Things! I dare you not to say Awwwwww!                            


DIY Soap Cubes

    DIY Soap Cubes Go ahead — wash your hands with these pastel ice cubes. They’re actually soaps made using a plastic ice cube tray as a mold. Easy & Fun to Make. Best of all it only takes the Ingredients. They make great homemade gifts too!


S.O.S. AKA Shit On A Shingle Breakfast

S.O.S. AKA Shit On A Shingle Breakfast One of my favorite breakfast meals to make. It is Super Easy to make and it is a feeling & hearty breakfast that is sure to please everyone. My DAD use to make this for us a lot growing up & I always have such a happy face […]


Dr Pepper Recipes

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of a Dr Pepper Fanatic To Be honest it is the first thing I have in the morning instead of Coffee lol I have collected some really awesome Dr Pepper recipes along the way that I have enjoyed. So I thought I would share them with […]


Healthy Smoothies

With the Summer here were all trying to stay Bikini Ready Start your day off right with our great-tasting smoothie recipes And Let’s admit it .. there is something irresistible about smoothies that we all love. So no need to starve yourself to fit into that Bikini … Just enjoy a delicious smoothie by the […]

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Tiny Home Ideas

If you are like me you are seeing the New Tiny Home movement becoming more popular. I like the concept behind it. The Less is More approach is very freeing and exhilarating at the same time. The best thing about this concept is it also save a tremendous amount of money on utilities, housing, and […]

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The Greatest Pleasure in Life is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do!

Workout Inspirational Quotes

Everyone Needs Workout Inspiration! Here are a Few of my Favorite Quotes that help me! I hope they will Inspire you as well!            

Tone It Up Best Ab Workout

Tone It Up: The Best Ab Workout Routine

Today I have a treat for your abs. After this workout I felt the best results, made my abs sore, and delivered fast results. You’re going to love the way you feel after completing this routine. Take a peek at The Best Ab Workout Routine below and be sure to pin it so you can try it […]


Solar Succulents ~ Thrifty Thursday

A while back I did a post about Creative Garden Container Ideas, and a Solar Light Roundup post as well, since then I have been inspired to do one for myself. I love a good bargain. I feel you can look at it two ways; buy 1 thing at full price or if you shop […]


What The Food – WTF Wednesday

  WTF this week = What The Food… Isn’t it amazing that our taste buds and eyes are so used to the same sweet comfort food !! So much so.. that, say, if I mention chocolate chip cookies… you can close your eyes…smell them, taste them, visualize them… Now I am going to share with […]


Thriving 30 Day Challenges – Thrifty Thursday

Welcome to my first thrift·y 1. practicing thrift or economical management; frugal: a thrifty shopper. 2. thriving, prosperous, or successful. 3. thriving physically; growing vigorously. I strive to be thrifty in most areas of my life, by all of these aspects of this definition! I figure what a better way to start my thrifty Thursday off then working on myself! I does not cost a penny to do any of these […]